Chairman’s Message

Over the past three decades we have been actively involved in the growth of various business formats of the Group. We have been operating over 30 years now, which has allowed us to gain the synergy of experience and trust with our customers. Leading the industry by example, we have set up a holistic manufacturing unit.

It is our constant endeavour to make our products reach the intended people at the right time, and at the right place. We are committed to improve our services and innovate them to such high levels, where our growth prospects are improbable for the common sighted people. We wish to achieve a steady but remarkable growth in what we do and what we offer so that our coming generations can reap the fruits of our toil.

It has been commonly observed in this industry that there are many companies and service providers, who are compelled to run by profits and not by quality. At Convex Group, we desist from indulging in any such activities and instead, actively vouch for a common and targeted approach towards quality of products.

We will always aim to provide quality, as a mainstream feature of all our products so that we can act as a benchmark in this industry and innovate further growth and development of such practices. We are very proud of our service offering, which allows us to offer high quality products at the best and most competitive prices in the industry. We also feel proud of our presence in this industry, which is slowly taking a global circumference.

Both my sons Mr. Manav S. Ghuwalewala (Director) and Mr. Chetan S. Ghuwalewala (Director) have been initiating in steering the company to newer heights and also extend my sincere gratitude towards our business associates for their continued support and patronage towards our path of pro table yet sustainable development.

– Surendrakumar Ghuwalewala (Chairman)